Terms of use Arriva Piran

Users of the Piran Single City Card can download the Arriva Piran mobile app onto their Android and iOS smartphones, which serves as a virtual single city value card.

The Arriva Piran app is an innovation of the city municipality of Piran and Arriva and it uses DOV technology for contactless payment for services of the Piran single city card system.

If you replace your mobile device, you will be able to activate the Arriva Piran app on your new mobile device at the sales point Arriva Piran Lucija, Obala 114, or via e-mail piran@arriva.si.

Transfer of funds between the physical and virtual single city card in the Arriva Piran mobile app is possible at the sales point Arriva Piran Lucija.

For further information, please write to us at the following e-mail address piran@arriva.si or call us at the telephone number +386 (0)5 671 31 22.

The Arriva Piran mobile app enables faster and simpler payment for:

  • travelling with city buses.

The app provides a friendly and simple user experience to the owners of smartphones with the Android or iOS operation system.
The app offers you everything for city public transport services which is normally available with the Piran single city value card. You can use it for contactless payment for the city bus (Arriva) fare, transfer buses within 30 minutes free of charge and transfer funds onto the card. In addition, the application makes it possible for you to check your account balance, validation history and bus arrival schedules and you can use it to plan your way around town and access travel information.
The Arriva Piran app is available to all smartphone users, while the transferring of funds onto the single city value card with VALÚ is available only to users of Slovenian mobile operators.

How do I download the app?
Enter the key words Arriva Piran into the search bar of the online store.
The Arriva Piran mobile app can be downloaded via the Google Play online store by all users of smart phones with the Android 5.0 operation system and its upgrades, as well as via the App store for smartphones with the iOS 10 operation system and its upgrades. We do not recommend the use of pirated versions of Android and iOS operation systems.

Transferring funds onto the mobile app
Transferring funds onto the Arriva Piran mobile app is possible

  • in the application via VALÚ,
  • in the application via payment cards.

The maximum amount of funds on the card is €50.00.

Transferring via VALÚ
In the application, select the transferring of funds via VALÚ, determine the transfer amount and enter your PIN number (if you have it activated). You need to activate your phone number for transferring funds via VALÚ prior to the first transfer. On the first attempt to transfer funds on the Arriva Piran display, the app automatically offers you the option of activating the transfer via VALÚ. Enter your telephone number in the display field and you will receive a confirmation SMS to this number with an activation code, which you then enter into the confirmation field.
You can also turn on the transferring of funds via VALÚ on the display Connected number, which you can access with a slide menu. If you do not immediately receive a message, you can check if you have entered the correct number on the display “Connected number”. If your number is correct, you can again request an additional activation code on the same display.
Transferring funds onto the mobile app via VALÚ is enabled to all users of Slovenian mobile operators. If you do not have sufficient funds on your VALÚ account at the time of transfer, users of Telekom Slovenije and A1 can automatically transfer funds onto your VALÚ account via the VALÚ Moneta and then transfer funds onto the SCC Piran.

Transferring via payment cards
Within the app you can set the transfer amount and select transferring via credit card. The application will guide you to the form where you will enter you payment card number and other information necessary for the successful transfer. After successful transfer, the mobile app will automatically return to the initial display, where the balance of your Arriva Piran account is displayed. It allows you to quickly and effectively continue with the purchase of a monthly ticket or automatically purchase a single use ticket on the bus.

Purchase on timebound (monthly) ticket
All formalities to transfer rights from contactless EMK Piran card to the virtual card (application) and inscription of monthly ticket rights can be arranged at Arriva selling point, Pomembnejše postajališče Lucija, Obala 114, Portorož.

Monthly ticket rights can be inscribed only on one medium (in the application or contactless card, not on both).

Monthly tickets are available for Piran citizens with a permanent and/or temporary residence in Municipality Piran, and pupils and students who are studying in one of the schools in the area of Municipality Piran.

Application use
The Arriva Piran mobile app enables faster and simpler payment for travelling with city buses. All service payments with the Arriva Piran mobile app are made in a similar manner as with the Piran single city value card in physical form.