Presale of subsidized IJPP single tickets for students for school year 2019/2020 will start on 21. 9. 2019. On that day also the presale of subsedized tickets for high school pupils  for month October will start. Students and high school pupils can purchase their subsidized tickets on-line or at our selling points:


  1. Fill in and submit your application on portal eUPRAVA

You can submit your application on-line on the portal eUPRAVA.

  1. E-application and application code

Shortly after submitting your e-application you will receive the application code, if your application will be approved.

  1. On-line purchase at ijpp.arriva.si

Visit our web site ijpp.arriva.si where you registrate yourself or log-in. You have to add or chose your IJPP card.  The system will show you the tickets that you can purchase. Chose the ticket you want to purchase and confirm your purchase.

Validation of the purchased ticket

After the purchase you will have to validate your ticket at the validators on the buses and trains. Bear in mind that at least 30 minutes have to past between your purchase and the validation.

Not have an IJPP card jet?

If you are purchasing you subsidized ticket the first time or you still do not have an IJPP card, we kindly ask you to drop by at our selling point where we will issue you a card.

Prolongation of tickets on-line

You can prolongate the validity of your monthly ticket on 21st day in the month.



  1. Fill in and submit your application form

Print the application form and fill it in correctly. With the filled in application form you can purchase the ticket at our selling points. This year you no longer need a certificate of enrolment.

Other important shortcuts

More information

If you need help with filling in the application form please contact us at ijpp.prodaja@arriva.si and we will gladly help.

All information on subsidized IJPP single tickets are available on the phone number 080 4577.

In case of technical issues when submitting the e-application form over the portal eUprava, please contact  the help centre on 080 20 02 or send an e-mail ekc@gov.si.