What is hand luggage?

Hand luggage has to be small enough and of appropriate structure in order to be placed on the luggage shelf above seats or under the seat.

Hand luggage includes items of up to 10 kg in weight and of minor size (hand bags, smaller packages and similar), which may be put on the luggage shelf, or a passenger may hold it, or may put it under the seat, in the manner to ensure safety of transport and that hand luggage does not disturb other passengers, or does not occupy another seat. Transport of hand luggage is free of charge.

What is handed-over luggage?

Bigger in size and heavier luggage, which is stored in the luggage compartment and is charged according to the valid tariff.

Handed-over luggage are packed items not heavier than 30 kg, of maximum 100 x 60 x 30 cm in size, which a passenger may carry with him/her (suitcases, bags, baskets, crates, boxes, leisure chairs, music instruments, stroller, bikes, skis, kick scooter and other items), which may be stored in the luggage compartment by their size and weight. We recommend the passengers to mark their luggage in order to avoid any loss or involuntary changeover.

Lost your luggage?

Report your missing luggage in our “Lost & Found”. We will assist you as soon as possible!