City transport Novo mesto

Group Arriva Slovenia primarily provides a safe, secure and smooth public transport in municipality Novo mesto s and the surrounding settlements. Our goal and wish is to ensure that the buses will become the best alternative to personal car.

To citizens of Novo mesto, as well as to those who live in suburban communities and travel each day to work or school into city, we want to ensure a most comfortable, safe and rapid transportation.

With the purchase of new, modern, air-conditioned and environmentally friendly buses, with regular training of our drivers, optimizing schedules and many other projects and actions, we already now offer a high-quality public transport service.

Through implementation of our long-term plans we will ensure that the public transport urban areas and surroundings will be even more comfortable, faster and more practical than driving by car.

Also we, as the citizens can do something to improve the quality of living in Novo mesto. How?

  • We can give priority to buses, as this increases the travel speed of buses
  • We don’t park and stop at bus stops, as this reduces the security of the implementation of public transport and the traveling speed of buses
  • We can stick to rules of behaviour on the bus, because by this we make sure that the bus ride for us and for other passengers will be more comfortable and safer
  • In particular, we can more often travel with the bus, sit on a bike or walk around town by foot, as this contributes to a cleaner environment and less busy roads in Novo mesto

From 1 July 2023 on Sitium smart system will be used to pay fares for city transport in Novi mesto. Read more.

During the transition period, it is also possible to buy tickets in cash from at bus driver.