Rules on the bus

Bus stop

  • Wait to your bus at the bus station or at place, where a bus stops!
  • Wait your bus in safe distance from the road edge!
  • Prepare your ticket or cash to pay for the ride before entering the bus!


  • Wait for your bus to stop and door to open (by a driver)!
  • When more people wait for the bus, follow the que and enter without scuffle!
  • When there is a crowd on the bus, move towards the rear end of the vehicle!


  • One seat serves for one passenger only!
  • When there is a safety belt installed, use it! Do not wonder around!
  • Give your seat to those, who really need it!

Order and conduct

  • Do not litter and do not destroy!
  • Leave the bus clean, as you find it!
  • Behave in the bus!

Drivers and co-passengers

  • Do not disturb the bus driver!
  • Be kind and polite to the bus driver and co-passengers!
  • Talk on the phone in low voice and do not disturb others!


  • Before leaving the bus, press the button “STOP”!
  • Leave the bus through central or rear door!
  • After exit, wait for the bus to leave the bus stop and continue your journey!