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>> 20.6.2019: On 1. 7. 2019 timetables will change at city traffic Ptuj

free of charge line of city traffic called »Linija MESTNO JEDRO« is operating at City municipality Ptuj. The circle line drives on a 30 minutes interval during working days. It starts and stops at the parking spot Zadružni trg.

Where does the free of charge city bus drive

ZADRUŽNI TRG (parking Zadružni trg) – TERME PTUJ (Pot v toplice) – BUS STATION PTUJ (Osojnikova cesta) – PTUJ BOLNICA – DORNAVSKA CESTA MERKUR – ROGOZNICA NOVO POKOPALIŠČE – DOM UPOKOJENCEV PTUJ (Rimska ploščad) – RIMSKA PEČ (Kraigherjeva ulica) – BANKA (Ulica 5. Prekomorske) – BRATJE REŠ (Volkmerjeva cesta) – Maistrova ulica – POD GRADOM (Raičeva ulica) – TRŽNICA (Slomškova ulica) – TIC PTUJ (Slovenski trg) – OŠ OLGE MEGLIČ (Prešernova ulica) – ZADRUŽNI TRG (parking Zadružni trg)

City transport Ptuj is operated with a smaller air-conditioned bus with seating and standing area, accessible also to people with disabilities. The bus drives every day:

  • during working days (from Monday till Friday) from 6.30 till 21.00 o’clock,
  • on Saturdays, Sunday and during holidays beetwee 6.30 and 15.00 o’clock.

Below you can find the timetable of line 1 that is since 8 January 2018 at some departures prolonged till the cemetry at Rogoznica.


T: 02 7711 491

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