Passenger rights in bus transport

The EU regulation 181/2011 was published on 28 February 2011, her provisions entered into force with 1 March 2013.

The regulation is valid for all transports on long distances (more than 250 km), while for all transports, including also those on short distances, only some of her provisions are valid.

The new rights valid from long distance transports (more than 250 km) among others include:

  • appropriate assistance (such as snacks, meals, refreshments and where necessary, hotel accommodation for max. two nights in a total amount of EUR 80 per night except in the event of adverse weather conditions or major natural disasters) in the event of cancellation or after more than 90 – minute delay, if the trip lasts more than three hours;
  • ensure repayment or conversion in case of overbooking or in case of cancellation or delay more than 120 minutes on the scheduled time of departure;
  • compensation amounting to 50% of the ticket price for delays longer than 120 minutes according to the estimated time of departure, trip cancellation and if the transporter does not offer the passenger either conversion or repayment;
  • information when the service is canceled or the departure had a delay;
  • passengers protection in the event of death, injury, loss or damage due to road accidents, particularly with regard to immediate practical needs in the event of an accident (including hotel accommodation for two nights in a total amount of EUR 80 per night);
  • special assistance free of charge to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility at stations and vehicles, and if necessary, free transportation for persons accompanying passengers.

Beside that for all transports there are valid following rights (including also transport shorter than 250 km:

  • the prohibition of discrimination on tariffs and contractual conditions for passengers based – directly or indirectly – on nationality;
  • non-discriminatory treatment of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility and monetary damages for the loss of or damage to their equipment to assist their mobility in the event of an accident;
  • minimum rules relating to travel information for all passengers before and during their journey, and general information about their rights at stations and on the web, wherever possible, this information will be made ​​available upon request in accessible formats, intended also to persons with reduced mobility;
  • complaint handling mechanism set up by the transporter that is available to all passengers;
  • an independent national authorities in each member state authorized to implement this regulation and, where appropriate, penalties.