Maintenance of commercial vehicles and buses

All repair and maintenance works of your heavy road vehicles are carried out in state-of-the-art working premises by professionally qualified personnel.

In our workshops you will enjoy the attention of our staff and professional service and as likely as not the most comprehensive offer of maintenance services in one place.

Moreover, we provide not only spare parts for MERCEDES, MAN, IVECO and OTOKAR cargo vehicles and buses but vehicle consumables as well.

Authorised service center for Iveco commercial motor vehicles

In the authorised service center for IVECO commercial vehicles we carry out repair works within the warranty period and afterwards; we boast longstanding experience of repair works of all types of IVECO vehicles. Our professionals regularly attend all new training courses for IVECO authorised repairers. Original spare parts, optional extras for vehicles as well as all the required diagnostic tools and quality service are available. We can advise you, perform a regular car servicing on all types of vehicles and perform other works within the shortest delay possible. Repair shops are available in Kranj and Jesenice.

Authorised service center for Otokar

In the authorised service center for OTOKAR buses we carry out all repair works within the warranty period and afterwards. A larger quantity of original spare parts is in stock. You can access information about buses via  the web link

Servicing of other makes of buses and cargo vehicles

  • servicing and repairs of engines
  • gearbox repairs
  • repairs of lead screws and differentials
  • repairs of retarders
  • repairs of pneumatic valves
  • repairs of braking mechanisms
  • repairs of seat suspension

Optical control and undercarriage adjustment

A proper adjustment of bus and cargo vehicle undercarriage ensures a higher degree of safety while driving (the vehicle keeps travel direction), less wear and tear of tires (uniform wear and tear) and lower fuel consumption.

Consequently, our repair shop in Kranj is fitted with the state-of-the-art computer device, produced by Hunter (USA), which determines deviations from the ideal undercarriage geometry by means of radio waves.

Thus the procedure of reading of defects is very fast (up to 30 minutes) and accurate. Through the application of this procedure deviations not only of the drive axle but of other axles of the vehicle are ascertained as well.

Repair of damaged vehicles and overhauls

In the automotive body repair shop of the service center repair works of damaged vehicles and overhauls of worn-out vehicles are carried out. Overhaul of vehicles – buses comprises the following: overhaul of the bearing elements of baggage compartments and undercarriage, replacement of floors, replacement of the ceiling and side linings, renovation of seat upholstery etc.  In addition, we replace and repair damaged glass of buses and cargo vehicles.

Auto body paint repair

Vehicles are paint-repaired by means of water-based paints. We have our own paint mixing shop and when the formulas are more complex we make use of a laboratory. The paint is applied by spraying in a drying chamber. Consequently, drying time is shorter and the quality of final coating is high.

Washing of vehicles

Buses and cargo vehicles are washed, and also cleaned inside, in a modern car wash.

Repairs of air-conditioning units and heaters

The role of air-conditioning units and heaters of a bus is to provide comfort to the passengers, which is why they are complex and their maintenance demanding. Adequately qualified professionals and modern equipment needed for servicing such devices are available.

Preventive periodic technical inspection of a vehicle

We have our own technical pit (MAHA 20t, 2007) to ascertain braking effects, aeration of joints, bearing elements … It is also a kind of preparatory actions for technical inspection of cargo vehicles while at the same time we can carry out a complete preventive inspection of a vehicle. This inspection comprises the control of all the vehicle functions and units which ensure a safe, ecological and comfortable use of the vehicle in traffic.

Electronic diagnostic

In the repair workshop for electronic  devices the following is carried out:
Diagnostic of electronic units of the vehicles
Measurements of electronic sensors
Repair works of electronic lamps – bus interior
Installation and repair works of the state-of-the-art fare boxes on-board the buses.

Electrical devices repair

Within the service centre the following repair works are performed on electrical devices of buses and cargo vehicles:

  • repairs and replacement of alternating current generators
  • repairs and replacement of starters
  • repairs of electrical installation
  • replacement and adjustment of headlights

Wheel mounting and balancing

Installation and balancing of wheels for cargo vehicles and passenger cars are carried out by means of advanced installation and balancing machines. If you want your tires to have a long service life quality mounting, accurate balancing and adequate pressure in the tires are paramount.

Brake repair and restoration

In repairing brakes of buses and cargo vehicles we also carry out riveting of brake linings. We restore brakes on trailers of heavy cargo vehicles. Special machines are used for turning brake linings and brake discs; consequently, a good mutual flexibility between the disc and lining is achieved, which extends the brake service life.

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