Timetables and Price list


Connection with the railway station

Following city transport lines drive to the bus stop Kranj kolodvor that is located at the railway station:

LINE 1 – Kolodvor-Globus-Primskovo-Planina-Hrastje
LINE 7 – Kolodvor-Globus-Srakovlje-Bobovek-Mlaka
LINE 12 – Kranj-Kolodvor-Besnica
LINE 15 – Primskovo-Planina-Kolodvor

Near the railway station is also the bus stop KRANJ ŽP (Ljubljanska cesta). Following lines drive to this bus stop:

LINE 2 – Globus-Primskovo-Planina-Stražišče-Globus
LINE 3 – Globus-Stražišče-Planina-Primskovo-Globus
LINE 8 – Kranj-Globus-Drulovka-Podreča

Timetables are adjusted with train timetables in the morning and early afternoon peek. Line 1 and 15 connect the railway station with the settlement Planina on a 15-minute interval during school days and on an 30-minute interval during school vacations. Lines 7 and 12 enable connection on certain departures. More information on timetables are available in the files bellow, in our online timetables and in the timetable book.



Transportation prices

Prices are defined with the decision Sklepo določitvi cen prevoznih storitev, hat was confirmed by Municipality Kranj:

daily 1.00
monthly 10.00
monthly children’s ticket for children older than 6 years and up to 15 years of age 5.00
yearly 100.00
yearly children’s ticket for children older than 6 years and up to 15 years of age 50.00
chip card 5.00

Prices of high school and student tickets are subsidized, as defined in the contract between Ministry of infrastructure and Municipality Kranj.

For users that will drive only in city transport a direct ticket can be purchased, a combined ticket is available for those who drive to school with other public transport means (regional bus and train). Prices are published in the Price list of subsidized high school, students and participants of elderly education at »City line traffic Kranj«.