A free dial-a-ride transit service is intended for all citizens and other passengers, particularly the elderly users, the disabled and users with other motor impairments.

Where is the free dial-a-ride transit service available?

Kranvaj carries out transportation according to an adjustable timetable; the time and route of transportation are formed in view of the needs of the passenger. The transportation is carried out every day of the year from 8 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

The transportation operator carries out dial-a-ride transit service within the narrower area of the Municipality of Kranj; this area comprises the areas from 1 through 6 Koroška Street, 5 through 8 Slovenian Square, 6 a Gregorčičeva Street through 2 Maister Square, from 2 through 10 Reginčeva Street, 2 through 38 Tomšičeva Street, Main Square, Cankarjeva Street, Trubar Square, Post Street and 29 through 1. B Tavčarjeva Street.

Dial-a-ride transit services are carried out in the areas where there is no organised public transportation, to wit, in the areas where demand for public passenger transport services is quite low.  Passengers cannot ride in vehicles intended for dial-a-ride transit between the stops of urban public passenger transport. By way of exception, the working regime of dial-a-ride transport services can be adjusted (in case of events in the centre of the town when owing to a high number of passengers this service would not be practicable, and the like).

How to use dial-a-ride-transit service

A passenger can use a dial-a-ride-transit service by waiting at the designated pick-up locations:
– (The Kranj Library, Pungert, Huje),
– by waiving a hand or dialling a ride transit service in the area of a dial-a-ride-transit service at the publicly accessible mobile phone number 031 383 700;
– by ordering a transit in advance or booking it at the publicly accessible mobile phone number 031 383 700. The booking is either received by the vehicle driver directly or by phone every day from 8 a.m. till 7.30 p.m.

Outside the pedestrian zone the users can get on or off the vehicle at the parking space (Huje at Likozarjeva Street) and at the stop of the urban public passenger transport (the Planina-Novi dom stop) on the edge of the pedestrian zone. The driver needs to assist the elderly, the disabled, those with motor impairments and other passengers getting on and off the vehicle and with carrying the luggage. Within the limits of available seats and in accordance with a smooth performance of transport, the driver is obliged to give a ride to every natural person, their hand luggage and their animal.


The use of a dial-a-ride-transit service is free of charge for the passenger.

For a dial-a-ride-transit the passenger receives an evidentiary ticket exclusively in the vehicle in which they ride. The evidentiary ticket gives the passenger the right to insurance and serves for the purpose of counting the carried-out dial-a-ride-transits.


The electric vehicle holds 5 passengers and luggage. It is an enclosed structure; its highest permissible speed is 40 km/h. The electric vehicle can hold a wheelchair and a baby carriage up to 65 cm wide. It is fitted with an electric sliding passenger door; it is opened by the driver from his cabin, which is very important for the safety of the passengers while they are getting on or off the vehicle. In case the EV is unavailable because of a breakdown and for other technical reasons, the dial-a-ride-transits will be performed by means of an 8-seat multi-purpose vehicle for a while.

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Luggage transportation

When using a dial-a-ride-transits, passengers can travel with their hand luggage. Hand luggage comprises items weighing up to 10 kg and are of smaller dimensions (hand bags, smaller packages, to wit, packets): these items can either be put on the sets in the vehicle or  in the compartment in which wheelchairs and baby carriages are transported so that – owing to their characteristics or condition – they do neither put at risk the safety of the transit nor endanger or disturb the other passengers. The vehicle personnel have the right to refuse the transportation of hand luggage if they find that it is not appropriate. The transport operator transports passengers’ hand luggage including wheelchairs and baby carriages free of charge.

Animal transportation

Live animals shall not be transported in the vehicle intended for dial-a-ride-transit.

The exceptions are the following:

  • service dogs of the police, military, Customs, Mountain Rescue Service and rescue units of the Civil Protection Service accompanied by a K9 handler; they have to be on a leash and with a muzzle on;
  • working dogs that assist those with disabilities; these animals need not have a muzzle on;
  • other dogs which have to be on a leash, with a muzzle on; moreover, they have to have a valid veterinary vaccination certificate for the current year. Dirty and wet dogs shall not be transported. Should the vehicle be overcrowded, smaller animals shall not be transported;
  • smaller animals which need to be in appropriate transportation enclosures so that they do not put at risk, impede, to wit, disturb the other passengers. Dangerous and poisonous animals shall not be transported. The animals shall not move freely on a seat, i.e. vehicle, and shall neither pee nor poop aboard. The transport operator carries out the transport of smaller animals provided that the respective passengers assume full responsibility for them. Should the vehicle be overcrowded, smaller animals shall not be transported;

Transport of the animals that fall within the exceptions is free of charge.