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Travel on streets and markets of old city centre in Koper with Kurjerca – a free of charge transport. The smaller electric vehicle enables transport to citizens living in the city centre, especially the older and mobility impaired. The usage is available also to other citizens and visitors, for a faster get around Koper city centre.

Driving route and working hours of Kurjerca

Kurjerca does not have a predefined route. It drives to all bigger and easy driven streets at the end of which a turning point is enabled. The area of transports is limited with roads Pristaniška ulica, Kopališko nabrežje, Severna obvoznica and Vojkovo nabrežje. Kurjerca does not drive outside this area. The driving regime can change due to events or works on the area of the driving route.

With the opening of Parking hous Sonce, municipality expanded the area of free of charge transport with Kurjerca.

Kurjerca drives all days of the year, from 8.00 till 18.00 o’clock, during summer (June-September) from 8.00 till 21.00 o’clock . Time and relation of the drive are flexible and are defined according to the needs of the passenger.

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Usage of Kurjerca transport

Entrance and exit are enabled everywhere, the passenger can stop Kurjerca by hailing or can order the driver by calling the phone number +386 51 488 000. The drive with Kurjerca is free of charge.

Transporting luggage

Passengers can transport in Kurjerca also their hand luggage that is smaller dimensions and does not wight more than 10 kg (handbags, smaller packages). The driver can refuse the transport of hand luggage, if it is inappropriate. The transport of hand and personal luggage, wheelchairs, strollers are free of charge.

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