Dear Partners,                                                                                              ¸

Merger of companies – company Arriva d.o.o.

Dear Partners,                                                                                              ¸

We would like to inform you that on 30/09/2022, the material legal status of the company Arriva Dolenjska in Primorska d.o.o. will change as the company will merge with company Arriva d.o.o., Ulica Mirka Vadnova 8, SI-4000 Kranj, registration number: 5263433000 (hereinafter: “Arriva”). The company Arriva Dolenjska and Primorska d.o.o. thus ceases to exist and Arriva as its universal legal successor takes over all its rights and obligations.

Consequently, all rights and obligations arising from the contracts you concluded with Arriva Dolenjska in Primorska d.o.o. are taken over by Arriva, while the contact person on our side stays the same.

Company data of Arriva d.o.o.:

Company name:                               Arriva, družba za prevoz potnikov, d.o.o.

Short Company Name:                   Arriva d.o.o.

Registered office:                            Kranj

Business address:                             Ulica Mirka Vadnova 8, SI-4000 Kranj

Registration no:                               5263433000

VAT Reg. No.:                                   SI31727077

Bank account:                                   IBAN: SI56 0312 1100 0191 485, BIC: SKBASI2X (SKB banka d.d.)

We ask you to take into account the mentioned change in our mutual business and enter it in your contact and master data as well when issuing your documents as of 01/10/2022.

We also inform you that the company Arriva d.o.o. has made the decision to operate without a stamp as of 01/10/2022, therefore documents and contracts issued and signed by us will no longer bear the company’s stamp.

We in the company Arriva d.o.o. remain loyal to the past and committed to the development the future brings. The guiding principle in our relationship with our customers is a quality and reliable service, which can only be a result of a mutual respect and a partnership relationship. Each of our colleagues is the most important link in the chain. This also applies to all our suppliers, who each make a stone in the mosaic of our services. Without you, our customers and suppliers, we would not be what we are and we are grateful for your contribution. We will keep showing you our gratitude.

For any questions regarding the merger of Arriva Dolenjska and Primorska d.o.o. and Arriva, please contact the Head of our Legal and Compliance department:

Yours sincerely,

Bo Erik Stig Karlsson