UP-DATE: Closure of regional road Dvor – Soteska no longer active – bus transport again operated according valid timetables

Dear passengers please be informed that the regional road Dvor – Soteska closure is no longer valid. Bus traffic is again operated according the valid timetables.

We wish you a safe and pleasant ride

Arriva Slovenia


Dear passengers please be informed that due to a complete road closure of the regional road Dvor – Soteska, from Friday 27. 9. 2019 (from 7.00 o’clock on) foreseeable till 14.10.2019, traffic regime will change on following lines:

  • Kočevje – Dvor – Novo mesto Revoz, the bus will drive on the line 20 minutes before as usual from the starting point Kočevje (new time 3.58 o’clock) till Dvor (new time 4.34 o’clock), and continue the drive on detour to Novo mesto. There will be no change in timetables for passengers from bus stops Soteska, Dol. Toplice and onwards till Novo mesto, as an additional bus will be organised.
  • Vrbovec – Žužemberk – Prečna – Novo mesto Revoz, passengers from Žužemberk till Vrbovec will use the bus coming from direction Kočevje but 20 minutes earlier as according to regular timetables. We kindly ask passengers to wait on the bus stops direction from Žemberk towards Vrbovec. For passengers from Soteska, Straža, Prečna and onwards till Novo mesto timetables will not change as an additional bus transport will be organised.
  • Rdeči Kal – Žužemberk – D. Toplice – N. mesto, the bus will pick up passengers till bus Dvor and then continue to Novo mesto. Passengers from Soteska onwards till Novo mesto will not be able to use this line but can during the time of the road closure use on those bus stops the Revoz employees bus that drives 15 minutes before the regular departure of the line.
  • EDČ Dvor, from the starting bus stop Dvor the departure time will be moved for 20 minutes before (to 6.09 o’clock) and continue on the detour till Novo mesto. An additional bus will pick up passengers on the bus from Soteska till Novo mesto, where the timetables stay the same.

REMARK: bus stop D. Kot will be during the road closure not operated. We kindly ask passengers from that bus stop to use bus Dvor.

Thank you for your understanding.

We wish you a safe and pleasant ride.

Arriva Slovenia