Dear passengers,

Spremenjeno izvajanje avtobusnega prometa zaradi popolne zapore ceste na relaciji Črnci-Žiberci

Dear passengers,

due to construction interventions on the Črnci-Žiberci route, a complete road closure will be established, expected to last from 06/09/2023 to 06/11/2023, therefore the bus line in this area will run according to a changed timetable.

Route of the bus route detour:

Podgorje-Stogovci-Žiberci (turning at firebrigade)-Stogovci-Janhova-Nasova-Črnci

Due to the detour, there will be time delays and the stop “Žepovci” will not be operated.

The alternative bus stop “Črnci” is planned at the intersection of the main and side roads in front of the Petrol service station.

We apologize to all passengers for any inconvenience and ask for their understanding.

We wish you a safe and pleasant ride.

Arriva Slovenia

Dear passengers,