Changed route of line Airport-Ljubljana-Aitport on 12. 4. 2019

Dear passengers please be informed that due to an event that will take place in centre of Komenda, on 12. 4. 2019 the rout of the line Letališče-Ljubljana-Letališče and Ljubljana-Komenda PC-Komenda vas will change.

On the bus line Ljubljana-Letališče Brnik-Ljubljana the departures betwee 10:00 and 18:00 o’clock from airport Brnik, and frpartures betweeen 10:10 and 17:10 from Ljubljana, will not be operated over Komenda. Buses will drive on relation Nasovče-Moste on the main road.

Buses on line Ljubljana-Komenda PC-Komenda vas-Ljubljana on Friday will driver from Ljubljana till bus stop Komenda vas only at 05:15, 07:00, 08:40. Other departures from Ljubljana will be operated only till bus stop Moste GD.

The morning departures 06:10 and 07:45 are being operated on the regular route with bus stop Komenda vas. Other departures will on Friday be operated from starting point bus stop Moste GD. Bus stops  Komenda vas and Komenda šola will not be operated.

Bus stops Komenda vas and Komenda šola will during tge time of the road closure not be operated. They will be moved to the nearest bus stops in the detour line – Moste (at Petrol) or Nasovče.

Thank you for your understanding.

Arriva Slovenia