Photo: Gregor Gasser

SKI BUS Škofja Loka–Rudno–Soriška planina

Photo: Gregor Gasser

We have a great news for all those who would like to visit Soriška planina during the winter school vacation.

From 19. 2. till 27. 2. 2022 a free of charge ski bus service will drive on route Škofja Loka–Rudno–Soriška planina.

SKI BUS will enable passenger to enter also on all in-between bus stops.

The morning departure from Škofja Loka will drive at 8.00 o’clock.

The return drive from Soriška planina will drive at 16.00 o’clock.

SKI BUS TIMETABLE: Škofja Loka–Rudno–Soriška planina

To board the bus, the passenger must:

  • provide proof of compliance with the RVT condition to the driver and show an identity document (exceptions remain children up to 12 years, primary school students, high school students) and
  • use a protective mask.

We wish youa a safe and pleasant ride.

Arriva Slovenia