Presale of subsedized and workers IJPP monthly tickets on line Ljubljana- Senožeti for school year 2019/2020

Dear passengers please be informed that co-financing of IJPP tickets by municipality Dol pri Ljubljani will be enabled in the premises of municipality Dol pri Ljubljani.

Ticket sales will be enabled on following days from 13.00 till 19.30 o’clock:

        for month October:           Monday 23. and Tuesday  24.9.2019

        for month November:       Thursday 24. and Friday  25.10.2019

        for month December:       Thursday 21. and Friday  22.11.2019

        for month January:           Monday  23.12.2019

        for month February:         Thursday 23. and Friday  24.1.2020

        for month March:              Monday 24. and Tuesday  25.2.2020

        for month April:                 Monday 23. and Tuesday  24.3.2020

        for month May:                  Thursday 23. And Friday  24.4.2020

        for month June:                  Thursday 21. And Friday  22.5.2020

in premises of Municipaliy Dol pri Ljubljani, Dol pri Ljubljani 1, 1262 Dol pri Ljubljani.

During presale purchase of monthly workers IJPP tickets will also be enabled.

Thank you for your understanding.

Arriva Slovenia