Dear partners,

Merger of companies

Dear partners,

We inform you that on 1st September 2020, merger of companies Arriva Alpetour d.o.o., Arriva Kam-Bus d.o.o. and Arriva Štajerska d.d. will take place. These companies will then be sharing a new common name Arriva d.o.o.

In the scope of this merger, the companies Arriva Alpetour d.o.o. and Arriva Kam-Bus d.o.o. shall be merged with Arriva Štajerska d.d. which will be as the only surviving companies the universal legal successor of the aforementioned companies.

Due to renaming and simultaneous restructuring, the merged company will have the following information:


Company name:                                             Arriva, družba za prevoz potnikov, d.o.o.

Abbreviated company name:                     Arriva d.o.o.

Headquarters:                                                 Kranj

Business address:                                           Ulica Mirka Vadnova 8, 4000 Kranj

Registration number:                                    5263433000

VAT Registration Number:                           SI31727077

Bank account:                                                 IBAN: SI56 0312 1100 0191 485, BIC/SWIFT: SKBASI2X

Bank:                                                                 SKB Banka d.d. Ljubljana, Ajdovščina 4, 1000 Ljubljana

We kindly ask you to observe this change in our mutual business, and to include the aforementioned change in your records with contact and registration information.

Arriva d.o.o.