Changes in bus line traffic operation on relation Sv.Tomaž – Ormož

Dear passengers please be informed that due to construction works on area of Lešnica/Ormož bus traffic will change. Due to a complete road closure on relation Sv.Tomaž – Ormož on Tuesday 11.06.2019 operation of all lines on relation n Sv. Tomaž – Ormož will change.

Bus stops Sp. Ključarovci kapela, Sp. Ključarovci trg., Lešnica/Ormožu zg., Lešnica/Ormožu K and Lešnica/Ormožu sp. will not be operated.

We kindly ask passengers to redirect to nearby bus stops. A detour will be arranged. 

This changed traffic regime will be valid from 11.06.2019 till 30.06. 2019 or till the works will finish.

Thank you for your understanding.

We wish you a safe and pleasant ride.

Arriva Slovenia