Change in bus traffic operation on relation Bohinj Češnjica-Škofja Loka

Dear passengers please be informed that the bus departing at 5.11 o’clock, on relation Bohinj Češnjica-Bled-Radovljica-Kranj-Škofja Loka, will be redirected to the highway between Radovljica and Kranj. The bus will not stop at Podvin (6.25 h) and Črnivec (6.26h).


The redirection of bus route will be implemented to minimise the delay of the bus to Škofja Loka, that is occurring due to closure of the bridge at Savski otok in Kranj.


Passengers from Podvin and Črnivec can use following departures to travel to Kranj:

  • from Podvin: 6.19 h (bus changes in Kranj towards Škofja Loka), 6.24 h or 6.34 h
  • from Črnivec: 6.20 h (bus change in Kranj towards Škofja Loka), 6.25 h or 6.35 h


thank you for your understanding.


We wish you a safe and pleasnt ride.


Arriva Alpetour