Season ticket

Season tickets (monthly, yearly) is issued on a contactless chip card. The price of the contactless chip card is 6.50 €. A nonworking chip car can be replaced free of charge. If the chip card is damaged due to misuse, the cost for issuing a new chip card are to be paid by the user.
The chip card can be returned when no longer used. The user will be refunded for the amount paid for the chip card. Only undamaged chip cards can be returned.

Ticket validity

The monthly ticket includes an unlimited number of drives on all city transport lines and is valid rom the first day of the current month till first day of the next month. Monthly ticket is issued to the ticket owner and is marked with the ticket owner name. Monthly tickets can be used only by the ticket owner.

The yearly ticket included an unlimited number of drives on all lines of city transport and is valid from the first day in the current year till the second working day in the next calendar year. The yearly ticket is issues to the ticket owner and market with his name. Yearly tickets can be used only by the ticket owner.

Season (monthly, yearly) tickets, that are issued for one relation of city transport, are valid on all relation of city transport and also on all other Arriva Alpetour regional buses on this relation.
Season (monthly, yearly) tickets, that are issued for a relation of regional line transport, are valid only on the issued relation in the regional and city transport.

The contactless chip card is a valid proof for fare payment. By entering the bus, the chip card has to be validated on the ticket validator that is montaged near the entrance door.

A valid ticket is a proof for payment of the ride. The passenger must have a valid ticket throughout his journey with him and submit it for inspection at the request of the driver or traffic control staff.

Discounts for single tickets:

children that travel individually

  • up to 4 years, children travel free of charge,
  • 4 to 10 years 50 % price,

group of 10 passengers up to 10 years

  • children up to 10 years that travel in a group pay 50 % of the price, the group leader (adult) travels free of charge.

group of passengers older than 10 years

  • children older than 10 years, youth and adults that travel as a group, pay 80 % of the price. Discount is valid for groups of 6 or more people.

The group leader (adult – 1 per 5 persons) travels free of charge.

Group leader of adults is part of the group and pays the same fare price as the group.