Tachograph service

Group Arriva Slovenia’s tachograph workshop    is an independent and neutral institution of Arriva d.o.o. that offers services for internal and external clients

  • The control body of company Arriva d.o.o. is accredited according to standard SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020 with the code of accreditation certificate K-011 and accredited according to standard SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020 with the code of accreditation certificate K-004.
  • The scope of the control activity is defined in the annex to the Accreditation Certificate for each workshop.
  • The operating conditions of the inspection body are defined in the General Terms and Conditions of the control body.

Our workshops of tachographs and speedometers have been named on the basis of the Accreditation Document by the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia under the designation of SI 02 for workshop in Kranj, SI 03 in Jesenice and SI12 in Maribor.

Tachograph control procedures are being performed in workshops at following locations:

  • Workshop Kranj, Mirka Vadnova 8, 4000 Kranj
  • Workshop Jesenice, Cesta maršala Tita 67, 4270 Jesenice
  • Workshop Maribor, Meljska cesta 97, 2000 Maribor

Work and activities of our workshops that are not in scope of accreditation:

  • control of speed limiters,
  • copying data from driver cards,
  • copying data from a digital tachograph,
  • data processing,
  • record data on CDs.

At tachograph workshops on location Kranj and Maribor we also perform:

  • Repair of analogue tachographs type 1311 to 1318 of manufacturer VDO Kienzle.
  • We are installing new recording equipment and ensuring smooth operation.
  • We are installing and servicing audio-video devices.
  • We are replacing electronic sets of vehicles
  • We design, manufacture and adhere self-adhesive labels for vehicles.




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