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Privacy and cookies

Privacy and Cookies


Rules about the use of internet cookies


1. Statement about cookies


1.1. About cookies

Websites use intelligent and useful techniques to assure a more user friendly experience for our users and to make the experience of each visitor as interesting as they can. One of the most known techniques is cookies. Cookies may be set by the website you are visiting, i.e. by its owners, or by a third party, for example advertises who communicate via websites you are visiting.

Cookies are simple text files that are stored by the websites on the user’s computer. Information stored in cookies can also be used to follow your browser on various websites that use the same cookie.

The classification of cookies is based on their sustainability and the source of their setting.


2. How the website uses cookies website uses session cookies to ensure the functioning of the website. The PHPSESSID cookie is deleted when you close your browser, while the cc_necessary and cc_analytics cookies last six (6) months. The purpose of cookies is to improve the usability of the website for you as a user and to record your decisions about privacy.

Website also uses a Google Analytics cookie for tracking web statistics and visitor activity on the website. This cookie lasts till the end of the session.


3. Cookies and their functionality

Different kinds of cookies are used for different purposes. What follows are descriptions of the most common types of cookies and their purposes:


3.1. Session cookies

Session cookie is temporarily stored in the memory of your computer when you browse the website, for example, to remember what language you have chosen. Session cookies are not stored long-term on your computer, but disappear as soon as you close the web browser.


3.2. Permanent or tracking cookies

Permanent cookie stores a file on your computer for a long time; this type of cookie has a set expiry date of operation. Permanent cookies help websites to retrieve your information and settings for your next visit.  This makes the access to the website quicker and easier since, for example, you don’t have to log in again.

After the expiry of operations the cookie is automatically deleted as soon as you return to the website which created it.


3.3. First party cookies

First party cookies are cookies that are created by the website only (the domain listed in the address bar of your browser) and that can only be read by this website. These cookies are commonly used to store information, such as your favourites, to revisit websites.


3.4. Third party cookies

Third party cookies are cookies that are set by another domain, not the domain listed in the address bar of your browser, i.e. other organisations, and not the owner of the website. Among the ‘third party cookies’ are also cookies that collect data for advertising, content adjustment and web statistics. Because third party cookies offer a wider overview of the user’s browsing habits, they are considered to be more sensitive in terms of integrity, and this is why most of the internet browsers allow you to adjust settings in a way that your computer does not receive third party cookies.


3.5. Google Analytics Cookies

With the help of these cookies we record the visitors’ statistics. These cookies do not contain personal information and serve only to ensure the uniqueness of visits. You can find out more about the Google Analytics cookies, its purpose and duration on the Cookie statement website. If you want to block Google Analytics, you can do so on this website.


4. List of cookies set by the website


Cookies on the website (First party cookies)


Name of the cookie





This cookie is used to ensure the operation of the website.

 Till end of session

 Arriva Štajerska d.d.


This cookie is used for the operation of the ‘qtrans’ plug-in.

 Till end of session

Arriva Štajerska d.d.



 These cookies are used to record your decisions about privacy.

 6 months

 Arriva Štajerska d.d.


 These cookies are used to record your decisions about language.

At the end of session

 Arriva Štajerska d.d.


 Google Analytics Cookies

Name of the cookie





For tracking web statistics and visitors’ activities on the website in anonymous form (information about the first visit, page viewing, browsing time, entry and exit points).

6 months

Google Analytics


5. Managing cookies


5.1. How to manage cookies in different web browsers?

For instructions please click on the links below. Links lead to external sites with content in English (most are available in several languages).


PC and Mac

Internet Explorer





Mobile devices

Safari iOS



(Different Blackberry phones have different instructions, however, instructions for each model can be found via the link above.) If you use a web browser that is not listed above, please refer to your browser instructions or online help for more information.

Not sure which web browser you use? This can be determined as follows:

PC: Open the browser and click “Pomoč” or “Help” at the top of your browser window. Then select “O…” or “About”. The information about your browser will appear.

Mac: Open the browser and click “Pomoč” or “Help” at the top of your browser window. Then select “O…” or “About”. The information about your browser will appear.

Mobile device: Check the name of the application with which you access the internet.


6.2. Disabling or enabling and deleting cookies

If you wish to restrict or block cookies, you can do it in the browser settings.

If you do not want websites to store cookies on your computer you can adjust the browser settings to receive a warning before each saving of a cookie. You can also adjust the settings in such a way that your browser rejects all the cookies or only third party cookies. You can delete any cookie that is already stored on your computer. Means of adjusting the setting vary by the type of browser and the type of your computer.

However, if you do not want cookies, please note that we cannot guarantee that the website will work perfectly. You may lose some of its features, and some sites you may not be able to view anymore. Moreover, by rejecting cookies you cannot protect yourself completely from displaying advertisements. In this case the advertisement will not be adjusted according to your interest and will appear even more frequently. Each browser has its own processes of adjusting the settings. If necessary, you can use the help function of the browser you are using for the correct set-up.  If you wish to disable cookies on your mobile phone, find the detailed instructions in its manual.

You can read more about cookies online on


7. Other unforeseen cookies

Depending on the mode of operation of internet and websites it is not always possible to have a complete overview of the cookies that are being spread by third parties via our web site. This is especially true for websites that contain the so-called embedded elements: text, documents, pictures, or short films, saved by someone else, but shown on our website or through it.

If you come across a cookie on this website that is not listed above, then please inform us about it. Or contact directly the third party concerned and find out about what kind of cookies they use, for what purpose, what is their life span and how they ensure your privacy.


8. Contacts

From time to time it may be necessary to update this statement, either due to changes on our website or due to changes of regulations about cookies. We reserve the right to at any time and without notice change the content of the statement or the list of cookies. The latest version can be found on this website.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the website owner through the Arriva contact form, which can be found in the header of the website.

Updated: June 2013


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