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Up-dated information – Arriva Slovenia drivers strike

Kranj, 03.09.2017

Up-dated on 10.9.2017


Dear passenger please be informed that a driver’s strike is in action at group Arriva Slovenia.


The strike is in action in companies Alpetour, Potovalna agencija, Arriva Dolenjska in Primorska and Arriva Štajerska.


During the strike buses will drive on international bus line traffic, and all those that provide daily migrations – passenger journeys (transport to work and to school and back home), to this the striking drivers have committed them self.


»Due to the strike it can come happen, that some departures in the regional, city and international line traffic, that is being operated by group Arriva Slovenia, will not be operated. At the same time, also some school departures will not be operated. Due to the announced strike at that moment it is not possible to say which uses will drive. For that we apologize to our passengers for all possible inconvenience and kindly ask them for their understanding, « said Bo Karlsson, managing director of group Arriva Slovenija.


We urge all passengers to regularly check the information published on this web site.


Group Arriva Slovenija


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