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System Prodata

PME – Tachograph Laboratory is an independent  and neutral institution of Arriva Štajerska that offers services for internal and external clients. 

Tachograph (control device) is installed in vehicles and is designed for automatic or semi-automatic display and recording of data on the movement of vehicles and drivers.  

Working unit PME performs installation and maintenance of electronic tariff systems of the manufacturer Prodata. We also perform training for people how to work with the system Prodata and how to store and process with it.

Precise mechanics and electronics is provided with adequate qualified staff and services for both internal clients (company Arriva Štajerska and Arriva Dolenjska and Primorska), as well as for external customers. The Validator Prodata System consists of:

Validator V2200

Registration is for magnetic tickets (sales of ticket at the driver, control of sold monthly tickets and the number of trips, display types various of maps). Validator V2000 is designed to work in extreme environments of Validatora bus, which means that it is insensitive to: vibration, temperature changes, high-frequency disturbances and fluctuations in voltage supply. At the upper end of the Validator is located a 1-line display, where all information such as date time, ticket price, number of trips, etc. are being displayed. Under the display are 11 keys, which are meant for choosing the type of ticket-selling, self-selection functions of the Validator, checking of cards. The interior of the Validator is divided into two parts – electronic, where the management is, memory and power supply and mechanical work, which consists of encoder and reader (the mechanism of magnetic head) and recording (mechanism of the print head) of magnetic cards.

Module M2000

It is designed to store and transfer data. It represents the interface between the Validator where the sale takes place and recording of the ticket and a PC that is designed to process and design data necessary for the very functioning of Validator. The module contains data on sold tickets, ticket prices, list of lines, list of drivers, time, date, etc.

Reseptikal R2000

It is designed to transfer data from the Validator V2000 or PC in the M2000 module. Data transfer takes place over a non-contact system, via infrared components. At the Reseptikal there is also place in which you insert the module M2000.

Magnetna karticaMagnetic Card

It is a rectangular paper, at witch the main component is a magnetic tape containing the record of the characteristics of the card. The card can be used as a normal ticket, including on the magnetic strip the number of journeys used in one month, or as a functional card, so that drivers can perform work with the Validator (opening shifts, choosing lines…). The tickets are used for 1, 2, 6, 10 and 20 drives, or as hourly, daily, monthly and yearly passes.