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Advertising on buses

OL_bus_11A successful communication strategy involves different requirements. Often not all the media can be included when planning the campaign. Imagine that at your next advertising campaign your slogan will move, day by day, across Slovenia, thru a particular region or city, on Arriva Slovenia buses.
Among the wide range of facilities for advertising your business, we have prepared one, in our opinion, different and significantly less expensive, but therefore not less effective.
Advantage of this type of advertising is definitely a long-term presence of the advertisement. Unlike most other advertising media, which are seen or heard, for only a few minutes a day or two, your advertisement can stay on the bus throughout all year. 

Buses are literally up everyone’s street. Transporting the nation’s consumers, buses come into contact with them throughout the day – whether we are travelling on them, passing them in the street or following them down the road.  If you’re seeing buses you are seeing bus advertising.

Bus advertising also has the flexibility to offer a range of formats for a range of budgets, so depending on what you want to achieve you will find a solution that enables you to build business and bring in more customers.

If you’re in business and are use advertising as part of your marketing then you should be talking to our contact person Mitja Korošec.

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