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How does Arriva work

Arriva is Europe’s largest private passenger transport company. The company carries 1.5 billion passengers every year.  

New Arriva buses in Rhyl.With more than 60,000 employees across 14 countries, Arriva operates a wide range of services including local buses, inter-urban coaches, local, regional and national train services, trams and light rail, waterbuses and airport-related transport services. We also operate a number of demand response and non-emergency patient transport contracts for our clients.

Arriva is part of Deutsche Bahn AG, a leading worldwide provider of transport and logistics services. As a division of Deutsche Bahn, Arriva is responsible for the growth and development of all Deutsche Bahn’s regional passenger transport outside of Germany. The Arriva group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the global Deutsche Bahn, with a total of 298,500 employees and a turnover of 28,6 BEuro. Deutsche Bahn is listed on the stock exchange in Paris and New York.


After entering the mainland Europe market in 1997, Arriva has developed a significant footprint in 14 mainland European countries.

Croatia Arriva operates regional, inter-regional and international services in Croatia. The majority of our services operate in the Osijecko-Baranjska region.1

Czech Republic Arriva operates urban, sub-urban and long distance bus services in and around Prague, Ostrava and Teplice, with additional services in the regions of Liberecký and Královéhradecký. We provide commercial services, contracted services to local authorities, contracted private services and have a travel agency. We also have rail operations in Northern Moravia.

Denmark Arriva is the largest bus operator in Denmark, with an overall market share of around 40 per cent. We have a strong position in the capital, Copenhagen, where we operate approximately half of the market. Arriva was also the first and only private company to be awarded a rail contract. We operate approximately 17 per cent of the state-owned network, with operations focused in Jutland.

Hungary Arriva is the largest private sector bus operator in Hungary as part of a joint venture with VT Transman. Arriva has developed a strong working relationship with the Budapest city operator, successfully providing sub-contracted services.

Italy Arriva is the largest private bus operator in Italy, operating approximately five per cent of the market. We run urban and inter-urban services in the north of the country, and airport connection services to Turin and Milan airports. We also run daily and seasonal waterbuses in Trieste.

The Netherlands Arriva is one of the largest bus operators in the Netherlands, with approximately 12 per cent of the market. Arriva is also the largest private rail operator in the Netherlands. We are the main provider of regional rail services in Friesland and Groningen, Zuid-Holland, Overijssel, Drenthe and Gelderland, and also operate cross border services into Germany.

Poland Arriva was the first private company to operate passenger rail services in Poland. Our operations are in the north west of the country. In 2013 we entered the bus market and operate services in the north and south of the country.

Portugal Arriva is one of the three largest bus operators in Portugal, with an interest in operations covering 30 per cent of the market. Arriva has a 31.5 per cent stake in Portugal’s largest public transport operator Barraqueiro. Arriva has an interest in the Portuguese rail market via Barraqueiro’s rail operation Fertagus – the only private rail operator in Portugal. We also have an interest in the Metro Sul do Tejo tram operation to the south of Lisbon and Metro do Porto, the city of Porto’s tram network.

Serbia Arriva operates bus services in Belgrade and regional international and charter traffic in Pozarevac.

Slovakia Arriva is the largest private sector bus operator in Slovakia, We operate some 320 bus in the Nitra region in the south west of the country. We also have a 60 per cent interest in two SADs – the former Slovak Bus Service operators. These are SAD Nové Zámky in the south west and SAD Michalovce in the east.

Slovenia In Slovenia Arriva operates some 380 buses and provides services in Ljubljana, Maribor, Kope, Piran and Novo Mesto.

Spain Arriva is one of the larger private bus operators in Spain. Arriva entered the Spanish bus market in 1999 when it bought two bus companies in Galicia, and has since established positions in Mallorca and Madrid. In Madrid, we operate approximately 14 per cent of the market.

Sweden Arriva has grown its market share after winning E20’ – the largest integrated multi-modal public transport tender in Sweden to date. The Stockholm contract doubled Arriva’s size and operations in buses, trains and light rail. In addition to E20, Arriva has buses and trains in the southern part of Sweden, as well as inter-regional trains in the north, including a cross border service to Norway.

Arriva now operates 915 buses, around 165 trains, 37 trams/light trains and has 3,155 employees.

Why chose Arriva?


Each city, landscape and environment is unique. One already developed solution can so not be effectively implemented on all areas. For this reason, we offer all our customers solutions that are tailored especially to them.

We provide means of transport, services that include everything from cleaning to a variety of convenient stores. Customers can decide for exclusively contract services, while another contractor is responsible for all other activities.

We believe that our flexibility and adaptability, to formulate best solutions for our customers and passengers, as well as for ourselves, make us the best choice.

We strive at all times to offer our customers excellent service.

We adapt to the needs of each individual traveler and do our best to perform services that  surpass all expectations. 

Our Core Values

Arriva, Deutsche Bahn


Arriva is part of Deutsche Bahn AG, a leading worldwide provider of transport and logistics services.

Based in Berlin, Deutsche Bahn was founded in 1994. Today, it operates in more than 130 countries worldwide and employs some 295,000 people in more than 300 different occupations.

Deutsche Bahn’s mission statement is to be a customer-orientated, likeable, resource-saving and economically successful company.

DB Bahn is a leading provider in the European passenger transport market, delivering regional, urban and long distance passenger transport across Europe and 4.2 billion passenger journeys a year.

DB Netze operates the biggest rail network in Europe, managing 5,700 train stations and 64,000 km total track length.

DB Schenker is the second biggest worldwide provider of transport and logistics services, delivering 415 million tonnes of freight shipped via rail each year, in addition to air and sea freight and 81 million shipments sent via European land transport each year.

Vision Deutsche Bahn’s vision is to expand its leading market positions to become the world’s leading mobility and logistics company, by offering innovative solutions, focusing on intelligent integration and setting the standards for quality and customer service in its markets.

Arriva’s role As a division of DB Bahn, Arriva is responsible for the growth and development of all Deutsche Bahn’s regional passenger transport outside of Germany.

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