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Group Arriva Slovenia is the largest group ofbus companies in Slovenia, providing transport services for passengers in urban, suburban and interurban areas, as well as transport services on request and for various institutions. Also a high market share we achieve with tourist activities

The group employs 975 people who operate 545 vehicles. Companies of the group, that are known for experience and quality of their services, operate in nearly all major cities in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Koper, Novo mesto, Ptuj, Piran, Il.BIstrica, Sl. Bistrica, Portorož). The group also drives on international lines mainly to Italy and Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Arriva Štajerska

Development of public road transport in northeastern part of Slovenia, which covers the region around city Maribor, is associated with the name of Arriva Štajerska.

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Arriva Dolenjska in Primorska

Arriva Dolenjska in Primorska is the main bus operator in the Dolenjska and Primorska region and the capital city Ljubljana and its’ surroundings.

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Alpetour, Potovalna agencija

Alpetour, Potovalna agencija d.o.o. is with his main activity of regional and other road passenger transport the biggest transport company in Gorenjska region. Also a high market share he achieves with the charter services and tourist activities, where his point of sales network expands also outside Gorenjska region

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INFO centre

INFO Centre of group Arriva Slovenia

Phone number for calls within Slovenia:

090 74 11


(fixed call cost from Telekom 0,4172 EUR/call, costs for calls from other operators defines each operator.)

Our operators use internal, regularly updated databases and websites of our business partners to provide our callers with accurate data.

Information at out INFO centre are at your disposal from 6.00 till 18.00 o’clock at workdays, at Saturdays,  Sundays and on holidays our INFO Centre is closed.

We will provide you with information also at the location of our INFO centre; this is at Mlinska ulica 28 in Maribor.