The passenger is usually required to buy tickets in advance at bus stations and bus stops where the presale of tickets is organized. At the presale passengers can buy ticket and make reservation for a seat up to 30 days in advance.
The passengers shall keep the ticket until the end of the drive and show it on request to our controllers. Passenger that have a ticket “on demand” are obliged to show the ticket always when entering the bus (contact less electronic card is valid only when activated and registered – it has to be put near the validator, which is installed at the bus driver) or during the drive at request of driving personnel, or a controller.
The transport price for passengers and luggage in regular public transport is calculated according to the price list.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe monthly ticket is valid for the period and the line for witch it was bought, for more drives per day also including Sundays and holidays. The monthly pass is not valid only in the month for which it was bought, but also the first working day in the next month.
Contact less electronic cards are valid when they are registered – validated at the access door validator (instaled at the entrance door). 



Public line transport user can return or exchange the ticket if changing place of residence, schooling, etc… (evidenced by appropriate documentation). The unused amount of the fare shall be refunded at a price that was valid with the purchase, with no interest to due, and also the method of payment it will be taken into consideration. The user can for the time (due to illness or other objective reasons), when he was not able to use bus services, upon showing documentary evidence, deposited the ticket. Unused fare will be refundated with the day as the ticket has been deposited at the transport company. The application form for the previous period shall be granted upon submission of medical certificates. The unused part of the ticket according to the records of the carrier will be returned.


General information

Information on general conditions of transport, detailed timetables, prices and types of tickets is on display at the webpage www.arriva.si. Boarding and exiting the bus is only allowed at marked bus stops. Passengers may board the bus through the front door only. All other doors are used for exiting. On vehicles equipped with an exit button by the exit doors, doors are opened by pressing the button. During each boarding, passengers are obliged to validate their electronic ticket which results in the automatic payment of the bus fare, or to pay the cash fare for a one-way ride (at the driver). Smoking, eating and drinking on the bus is prohibited. Drivers and conductors may refuse boarding or may ask the passenger to leave the bus if their behaviour disturbs public law and order, or if they appear to be drunk or intoxicated, or cause damage to other passengers or bus equipment. Transportation of flammable, explosive, poisonous or hazardous material, weapons and other illegal objects or substances is forbidden.


Manaer of payment

Busses employ an electronic payment system on the basis of the contactless card (hereinafter: card). Cards contain electronic ticket information. A one-way fare without the possibility of changing lines can also be paid in cash at the bus driver.

Upon boarding the bus, passengers pay a one-way fare. Payment is conducted by pressing the card against one of the validating machines on the bus. Validation is required upon each boarding, even when changing lines. Using a charged / coupon card, fare can be paid for several persons at once (only at the bus driver).


Ticket control

A control system is in place for keeping track of fare payment and validity of electronic tickets (driver and conductor). Upon request, passengers must show their card and a personal identification document with a photograph. If it is established that the passenger does not possess a ticket, has failed to validate it or that the ticket is invalid, they may be asked to leave the bus. Invalid tickets may be seized by the driver or conductor. In case of violations, conductors have the authority to issue a fine in accordance with the Rules on General Conditions.


Lost and Found

We kindly ask you to hand found items to the driver, who will deliver them to the responsible person at group Arriva Slovenija. Found valuables are turned over to the nearest Police Station I after one month of storage. Other unclaimed items are discarded after one year of storage.

School tickets subsidizing

thumb5 (3)For the school year 2016/2017 a change of legislation and the implementation of single price monthly tickets for high school pupils and students are being prepared.

More information you can find on the link below.

We wish you a safe and pleasant ride.

Arriva Slovenija

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Application form

Ticket types

Group Arriva Slovenia sels (depending on region in Slovenia) following types of ticket:

Non-transferable tickets:

– monthly basic (workers’) tickets

– monthly and annual student ticket

– monthly ticket for elderly people

Transferable tickets:
– yearly

IJPP project:

– subsidised IJPP tickets for highschool pupils and students

Ticket selling points

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