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Special timetables

Latest changes in bus line traffic

Travel with ArrivaIn areas where group Arriva Slovenia operates regular public line bus transport or urban transport, we provide passenger transport all year, but in different volume.

Timetables of city buses often change because for various events. The buses drive most frequent during the winter and during weekdays, in the morning and afternoon rush hours. During school vacation and at weekends, buses run less frequently.

Special timetables are also valid at 1 November and in the Christmas-New Year period, in cities there are also shorter and longer detours because of numerous events, some road works and frequent visits of political delegations.

Here you will get all information you need to plan your daily trip in Slovenia, or in your town on time and by this save a lot of time.






Service updates

 Changed timetables on Arriva Express line Ljubljana-Trieste-Ljubljana

 Holidays working time at bus station Novo mesto

 Complete road closure on relation Sp.Jakobski Dol K. – Jurovski Dol

 Changes in Arriva Štajerska line operation on rea Žetale

 Change on relation Slovenska Bistrica – Šikole – Ptuj

 Change of bus transports on the area of Šentilj

 Changed operation of lines 6, 7 and 8 at City transport Koper

 Change of Saturday departures on relation Krnica-Podhom-Radovljica-Begunje-Jesenice from 1.12.2018 on

 Road Moše-Trboje from 27. 11. 2018 on again without closure

 Changes in city transport Novo mesto line operation

 Complete road closure on relation Sp.Jakobski Dol K. – Jurovski Dol

 New line at City transport Koper

 Changes in line operation on area of Sp. Jakobski Dol

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Change in bus operation of urban and suburban transport in the area of municipality Koper on 16. 11.

 Changes in Koper-Šmarje-Koštabona-Sv.Peter line operation on 14 and 15 November

 Bus stop Kranj Novi dom not in operation on 11. 11. 2018

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to an event changed operation of city transport Koper on 9 November

 Complete road closure in Bohinjska Bistrica – change of the detour on 5.11.

 Change in operation of bus line in Gorenjska region from 1.11.2018 on

 Changes in bus traffic operation on relation Žetale – Ptuj

 Line Tržič-Lom-Jelendol out of order due to impact of road surface

 Odhod ob 14:05 na liniji Ptuj-Maribor dne 31. 10. 2018

 On Friday, 2. 11. 2018, lines that operate on Revoz working days will not drive

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Today the departure at 20.40 o’clock on relation Bohinj-Ljubljana will not operate

 City transport line Podlubnik-Škofja Loka Lipica – special driving regime on 1. 11.

 Changes in bus traffic operation of company Arriva Štajerska from 1. 11. 2018 on

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Free of charge bus transport to Koper cemetery on 31.10. and 1.11.

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Free bus transport on 31.10. and 1.11. to Piran cemetery

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Free bus transport from Piran to spa center Krka Strunjan

 City transport Jesenice – changed driving regime on 31. 10. and 1. 11.

 City transport Kranj – changed driving regime on 1.11.

 Ljubljana Marathon 2018 – road closure

 ANNOUNCEMENT: Change of timetables at City transport Piran on 1 November

 Change of departure time on relation Sv.Maver obr. – Šmarje – Koper

 School timetables of company Arriva Alpetour

 Change in bus traffic operation on line Žiri – Ljubljana – Žiri

 Change in bus traffic operation on relation Bohinj Češnjica-Škofja Loka

 Change in bus traffic operation on relation Trebija-Škofja Loka-Kranj-Strahinj

 Change in bus traffic operation on relation Kranj Primskovo-Škofja Loka

 Changes in bus line operation on the area of Zg. Kungota

 Total road closure in Mengeš

 Complete road closure in Komenda

 Replacement bus stop in Rateče during the complete road closure

 Changes in operation of suburban line Koper-Izola-Piran-Koper in centre of Izola on 6. 10.

 City transport Novo mesto: 5. 10 sprememba v obratovanju linije 5

INFO centre

INFO Centre of group Arriva Slovenia

Phone number for calls within Slovenia:

090 74 11


(fixed call cost from Telekom 0,4172 EUR/call, costs for calls from other operators defines each operator.)

Our operators use internal, regularly updated databases and websites of our business partners to provide our callers with accurate data.

Information at out INFO centre are at your disposal from 6.00 till 18.00 o’clock at workdays, at Saturdays,  Sundays and on holidays our INFO Centre is closed.

We will provide you with information also at the location of our INFO centre; this is at Mlinska ulica 28 in Maribor.